Why Choose TTSI?


  • TTSI is a solutions provider, a total business partner. We do transactional accounts and strategic accounts management.
  • Gain increased opportunity for business growth and focus on mission-critical roles.
  • Turnaround time compliance is managed within 24 hours or less, depending on client agreement.

Quality Personnel and Training Capability

  • TTSI maintains high-caliber transcriptionists and health support specialists delivering high-quality services on time, all the time!
  • TTSI has its own training center that can sustain the supply of qualified people for expansion needs.

Process and Technology Experts

  • Backed up with process management expertise, TTSI can get your work done using simple secure file transfer process, document management systems or client decision support tools.
  • TTSI can also use proprietary, web-based transcription platforms with speech-recognition engines for transcription.

Strict Adherence to Data Security

  • TTSI has high standards of business work ethics, putting high value on data privacy and protected information. Our facility provides for physical and system security to preserve the integrity of Protected Health Information in compliance with the HIPAA Law.

For inquiries on our services, please CONTACT US!